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Believe or not, helping other people grow their businesses is a great pleasure of mine. I own several businesses, all of which are online.  And they are a pain in my ass. I just so happen to choose some of the most difficult services to market when I launched my first few websites.  You see, people love sports.  They love entertainment and comedy.  I mean, there are tons of comedians popping up on Facebook left and right.  Some of which are making a pretty good living selling merchandise.  And yes, we all love sex. People love sex so much, the porn industry actually gross almost more money than the entire sports industry alone.  Yup, over 50% of the world are undercover freaks.  Also, my point will not be complete if I did not mention these damn diet plans.  Year after year, there is a new diet plan or service.  It never gets old. People willingly pay for this shit all the time.  So what kind of business did I initially create?  A couple’s website.  A website to help keep your relationship or marriage fresh, new and exciting.  Yes, it’s a great service and a very unique idea.  It’s actually changing the world by keeping relationships and marriages happily together and out of counseling.  But it was hard as hell to market this to people.  Realistically, people aren’t just dying to join a new couple’s website. It takes a really big imagination and aggressive marketing to make a service like this successful.  So, what else did I do?  I needed to create what I call a “Funnel site”.  Therefore, I made a lifestyle blog. If any of you know anything about lifestyle blogs, you are aware that they don’t bring in a ton of profit.  People are not itching and scratching to read content on a lifestyle blog.  People want to laugh, gossip, watch sports, loose weight and have sex!  Consequently, having such difficult services to market worked wonders for me.  It literally made the majority of other services a cake walk to market. It pretty much turned me into a very unique, aggressive marketing expert.  Therefore, I began building businesses and creating marketing campaigns for friends, family and acquaintances.  As I previously stated, I really enjoyed doing this.  And being that it was so difficult to market my own services, running marketing campaigns and growing other businesses became very easy to me.

Now, let me explain something you might not normally hear a business consultant say. Most of them will not like what I am about to tell you.

I am not going to market marketing to you. Let me say that again. I am not going to market marketing to you. I am here to make you money, not to sell you a hair product. But what do I mean by that? What do I mean by market marketing to you? I can easily slam you with a bunch of words and terminology to make myself sound more professional.  I can serenade you with words to win you over.  Shit, if I threw some music in the background of this audio, I’ll be making your nervous system aka feelings do backflips.

Take a successful restaurant for example.  Why do they put “delicious decadent chocolate cake to describe a dessert”?  It should just be chocolate cake right?  Wrong, not if they are trying to get you to buy something from their dessert menu; something you don’t need; something you actually don’t want because you’re so damn full from eating the appetizer and entree.  Therefore, in terms of marketing they have to force it down your throat with beautiful pictures and beautiful words such as: exquisite, luscious, rich, savory, scrumptious, pleasant, delightful and so fourth.

Why is this important for you to understand?  If you’re trying to utilize a business consultant or take courses on your own to expand your knowledge of how to grow your business, you must become enlightened in regards to marketing.  Therefore, if you are overly concerned with the the way a business consultant may look, the way they talk and the profanity they use, then you are not concerned with marketing.  You’re not concerned with hiring an innovative business consultant. You’re not concerned with taking innovative marketing courses.  You’re concerned with being sold.  We are all here to make money.  With that said, my job is not to look good, speak well or provide you with a piece of paper that means absolutely nothing in the world of entrepreneurs.  My job is to make you money. So again, I am not going to market marketing to you.

I firmly believe in guerrilla marketing.  Marketing which is unique, aggressive, intelligent, innovative and at times random as all hell.  In short, a professional gamble is what I like to call it.  Now, I can imagine that word “gamble” does not sit right with some of you.  But tell me this, how do you know if a video or photo will go viral?  Do you have enough money in your budget to pay the Kardashians to be in your photo or video?  Do you have the budget to pay Doctor Phil?  Even if that were the case, there are no guarantees your content will go viral.  Now if you do not have money in your budget to pay high end politicians, actors, singers, reality TV stars, how do you know your photos or videos will go viral, thus bringing you a flood of people to convert into paying customers?  You don’t.  It is a professional gamble.  Again, this is why my marketing techniques are unique, intelligent & innovative.

I simply build and improve businesses.  Be different, think different and act different.  The shining star doesn’t stand out by being the same as all the others. Thank you